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Feeling trapped by insecurity, fear, and shame?

Life coaching/counseling. Mari has an effective method of helping her clients overcome fears, insecurities, and limitations. Her clients have gained more self-confidence and able to see their dreams come to pass. Learn more about life coaching/counseling.

Client Testimonials. Read some of the success stories Mari’s clients have shared after their life coach/counseling sessions.

Stop Dancing With The Enemy

KPRZ Radio Interview/ Stop Dancing With the Enemy- Radio Personality Elisa Lane and Mari discuss her book.

Mari’s new book, Stop Dancing With The Enemy has been released! This is for all the mothers, sisters, and daughters who desire freedom from insecurity, guilt, and shame. Read a sample of the book get your copy now and experience transformation! Available on

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Powerful and practical to grow in personal freedom I wish I had this information 20 years ago. My life would be different today and my relationships would be more meaningful and healthy. My thoughts of feeling insignificant have negatively affected my identity, value, and worth. This book has given me practical tools on how to be freer. Thank you. Alyn

The book did a great job of blending counseling, with Bible references and personal healing experiences. It was a great source for learning about healing and forgiveness. Bethany