Mari Plank, Life Coach/Counselor

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Transformation Radio Show! Changed “Hearts, Changed Lives!

Reaching Out Radio, Where God Comes First. These shows are hosted by Mari Plank, life coach and counselor.  You will hear topics to strengthen parenting, marriages and experience personal transformation.


8-8-20 Finding Confidence Would you like to be more confident? Mari shares scriptures and practical ways to find more confidence!

8-1-20 Secret of Contentment striving to get and gain is a merry go around that will leave you feeling empty and stressed. Learn from God’s Word how to be content.

7-25-20 God’s love is so powerful! Mari shares her testimony of how God’s love healed her journey out of domestic violence.

Listen as Mari interviews Elisa, Hollywood Producer and how fear, and insecurity kept her from fulfilling her calling and dream to produce her movie. Her healing resulted in her dream fulfilled.

7-18-20 Freedom of Forgiveness. Forgiveness is powerful and will set you free, listen as Mari shares how you can be free through forgiveness.

Step Out and Do Something New! Get out of your rut, Don’t let fear keep you stuck!

Believe God Loves You. Mari and a client share how learning about God’s love set her free from a life of insecurity and fear.

Online Dating. Mari and her husband share their journey of dating and love. Learn how to be successful when dating online.

Take Off The Boxing Gloves! Couples all have fights and conflicts. Is it possible to have a fight and not become a boxing match? Yes it is!

Freedom From Shame and Guilt -Part 1. Guilt and shame keeps you in a prison. Learn how God desires to set you free.

Freedom From Shame and Guilt -Part 2

Step Parenting- Part 1. Building a healthy happy step family doesn’t magically occur. It takes blueprints, wisdom and lots of love and patience.

Step Parenting- Part 2

Parenting With Choices Is Brilliant!- Part 1.Tried of power struggles with your kids? Frustrated? Listen and learn how choices will bring your stress down as you parent.

Parenting With Choices Is Brilliant!- Part 2

Finding Confidence. Does your confidence need a boost? Learn some how God can give us a confidence booster!

Believe God Loves You! Knowing about God’s love isn’t enough. He wants you to experience it and eradicate insecurity, shame, guilt.