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Author of “Stop Dancing With The Enemy”

Mari Plank is an International Speaker/Trainer, Life Coach, and practicing Christian Counselor, with over thirty years of professional experience in family, marital, and personal counseling. Her extensive background includes Dean of Cathedral Bible College Counseling Department, Assistant Clinical Director for a group home, Graduate School Professor, Lay Pastoral Counseling Trainer.

Mari’s passion is to help people be freed from limitation, fear, insecurity, and brokenness, by being transformed by God’s love and His Word. Mari has successfully done this important work in one-on-one counseling, workshops, retreats, bible studies, leadership training, local jails, and on her Radio Show, “Transformation.”

 Early on in her counseling practice, God gave Mari a model based upon three powerful pillars: 1) God’s love, 2) His Word and, 3) Forgiveness. Using a tree symbol in a step-by-step process, the client first identify the fruit that is troublesome; secondly, they identify the lies that support and nourish the bad fruit (anything that is contrary to God’s Word) in order to replace it with God’s truth; identify the soil (sources of hurt, pain, a limitation that caused the fruit); and lastly, clients apply genuine forgiveness. She has seen the Lord do quick and effective healing using these pillars. In Stop Dancing With The Enemy, she has expanded these three pillars into the four foundational steps. The book includes these foundational steps helping people overcome and experience transformation in the areas of shame, insecurity, fear or powerlessness and misplaced identity.

In her life-changing book, “Stop Dancing With the Enemy”, Mari shares her personal story of being trapped in an abusive marriage which left her emotionally depressed with feelings of hopelessness and despair with no way out. All seemed lost, as Mari reached rock bottom until she finally had enough. She had become sick and tired of being sick and tired. She now had the self-motivation and proactive resolve she needed to begin to turn her life around for the better, which thankfully she did. She would soon discover the real source of where her help came from.

In addition to her attitudinal change, other positive developments led to the total turnaround in Mari’s life. Her faith deepened as she discovered that she had a Father in Heaven who loved her and helped her break free of chains. Mari was no longer a prisoner as she let go of negative thoughts, lingering anger, hurt, and insecurity. She was now healed, and free to be all that her Heavenly Father meant for her to be. Mari had all she needed to leave her abusive husband and her empty marriage, which she did.

As a result of her remarkable turnaround, Mari can effectively help others overcome self-defeating attitudes which have held them back. Her own personal journey gives her credibility and inspires others. who think to themselves: “If she can do it, so can I.” And like Mari Plank, they can break through to a better life!

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