Marriage with Mari

  • Top Traits of Happily Married Couples
    Authors Bill and Pam Farrel asked couples to list the best traits of their long-term marriages. Here are a few that were repeated amongst the surveys:  We make room for […]
  • Marriage With Mari: How Do I Deal With an Unbelieving Spouse?
    For many Christians, the salvation of their unsaved spouse is a priority. Desiring to be equally yoked, going to church together and sharing a common faith is important. God can […]
  • Foster Thankfulness in Your Marriage
    Paul commands us, among other things, to “be thankful” (Colossians 3:15, ESV). Much like anxiety, un-thankfulness doesn’t build relationship, it erodes relationship. Take a moment to think about attitudes and postures that stem […]
  • Political Differences in Marriage
    Political issues can be challenging in any relationship, but they’re especially challenging for a married couple. No matter how serious your political differences may be, those differences should never impact […]
  • Dealing With Differences in Marriage
     Most husbands and wives would say there are differences between them.  Some are glaring, irritating or divisive. What do we do with them?
  • Marriage with Mari: Conflict Resolution Tip #8: Don’t Feed the Fire!
    Resolution and reconciliation can’t occur if one or both parties are agitated, angry, crying, yelling, accusing, shut down or defensive. REFUSE TO FIGHT IN THE FLESH. It is an invitation […]
  • Marriage- Keep Short Accounts
    In marriage it is important to keep short accounts. Learn to forgive quickly. Don’t keep a long list of wrongs. Nothing will erode your marriage more than building layers and […]
  • Conflict Resolution in Marriage
    Transformation Radio Show-Take Off the Boxing Gloves! Mari and her husband Rob, share how they have taken off the boxing gloves in marriage and have successful conflict resolution. They share […]
  • Healthy or Unhealthy Relationships
    Relationships are an integral part of lives. Whether with a spouse, employer, child or a friend.  They can have a great impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual health. Here […]
  • Online Dating
    Transformation Radio Show- ONLINE DATING Mari and her husband Rob discuss their personal journey through online dating. They share some practical ways to navigate through this experience!
  • A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way in Marriage
    Kindness in  a marriage goes along way, especially when there is a conflict or difficult issue to deal with. It is difficult when there is hurt, anger or bitterness. Kindness […]
  • Love & Respect
    Women need to feel loved, and men need to feel respected. This may explain why Paul wrote in Ephesians 5:33 that a husband must love his wife and a wife […]