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Here you will learn about the coaching process, be able to access forms, and schedule an appointment.

Step One: The Coaching Process

The 4 R’s of Transformation are the building blocks you and Mari will use to develop a game plan that will lead to success!

Transformation Coaching Process

  •  Recognize: Using a tree as a model, we will look at the fruit (attitudes, behaviors, and actions). The trunk is the belief system that supports the fruit, and the roots are the source.  Usually, it is significant events or relationships that formulate our belief system. An exchange will take place and replace faulty beliefs or lies with the truth and wholeness of God’s Word. The main root is how much we believe in God’s unconditional and acceptance.
  • Release: Release comes through receiving God’s forgiveness and extending it to others. It comes from repentance for believing the faulty beliefs rather than God’s Word.
  • Renew: Renew the mind through his Word. New thoughts = new attitudes, actions, and behaviors. We are told in Romans 12:1 to renew our minds so we would know the acceptable will of God. His will is for us to know his unconditional love and acceptance. He also desires to heal and transform you from the inside out!

What are the benefits of Transformation Coaching?

  • Your knowledge of God’s unconditional love and acceptance will be deepened!
  • Your knowledge of eternal worth and value will grow!
  • You will learn how to overcome fears, limitations, insecurity, anxiety!
  • You will learn how to transform negative or destructive beliefs through God’s Word!
  • You will learn principles that are effective and applicable to other issues!
  • You will learn an easy way to quickly identify the source and get healing!
  • You will get a sure-fire blueprint for success!

I would like to share some principles:

  • All things are possible with God
  • He has come to give you life and life abundantly. John 10:10
  • God loves you and wants you to know his love is unconditional
  • He will make a way for this seems to be no way
  • It is a process and change will occur
  • Be patient, trust the Lord and do your part
  • It starts with you
  • God will give you the power for transformation. It is already there through the Holy Spirit
  • God will help you on your journey
  • He is cheering you on
  • He is in your boat and over your storm
  • Every life-giving choice no matter how small will move you closer to change

Step Two: Client Forms

Please fill out the forms before your first session with Mari.Click here to access the forms

Step Three:  Book a Life Coaching Session

Text Mari  @ 310 357 0836 to set up an appointment

All appointments are done over the phone. You can relax in the comfort of your own home or the surrounding of your choice! I had a client who went to the beach and was able to enjoy it while having a phone session. Each session is 1 hour long. The cost is  $200.00 per session.

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