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Dance of The Word

Why is this a foundational step?

Words have great power. They have the power to shape, influence, build, destroy, plant, and bring things into being. Consider what happened before creation. The earth was dark and empty, and God spoke, and creation occurred after He spoke.

Just as God’s Word has power to create, so the words we hear either spoken or un-spoken have the impact to create, build, destroy, or influence us.. Do you remember hearing words that stuck with you? Did they cause damage to your soul, or did they impart encouragement?

We are often the by-product of spoken or unspoken words. Our souls are often filled with wounds resulting from negative, harsh, or hurtful words. They are like fruit and will deposit their seeds and reproduce in our life.

God’s desire is for His Word to shape and influence us. This foundational step will be incorporated at the end of each chapter in “Dance of Freedom” section. We will learn to identify life-stealing words and replace them with the life-giving Word of God.

Dance your way to freedom! Envision yourself as the dancer!

Dance of The Word/Dance with The Deceiver

Dance of The Word/Dance with The Beloved

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