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Dance of Righteousness: Overcoming Shame

What is shame?

Shame’s message is, “I am bad,” or “There is something wrong with me.” It is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the awareness that you are “flawed,” “dirty,” or “unclean.” It comes from fear accompanied with feelings of unworthiness and unlovable. It is a pervasive feeling that never goes away.

What does shame look like?

  • It can be hidden, so we are often unaware that we have shame.
  • When we experience shame, it lasts much longer than momentary embarrassment or humiliation.
  • The feelings and pain associated with shame are of greater intensity.
    • An external event isn’t required to trigger it. Our own thoughts can bring on feelings of shame.
    • It can lead to spirals of depression and feelings of hope- lessness and despair.
    • The Deceiver will often use messages, images, or beliefs originating in childhood and paint a negative “shame story” about ourselves.
    • It creates deep feelings of inadequacy.

Dance your way to freedom! Envision yourself as the dancer!

Dance of Shame/ Dance with The Deceiver

Dance of Righteousness/ Dancing with The Beloved

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