Mari Plank, Life Coach/Counselor

heal, renew, transform

Book: Stop Dancing With The Enemy

(Book Introduction)

Beloved daughter of the Most High God, are you tired of limitation and fears?  Are you feeling unloved or question your worth and value? Do you desire freedom or courage? Would you like to know the depth and width of God’s love? Do you desire to be set free from the past? Do you lack self confidence or are you trapped by shame and guilt? Do you feel bound? Imprisoned? Limited? Stuck? Hopeless? Have you answered “yes” to any of these questions? Then this book is for you. Stop Dancing With the Enemy will:

  • Give you insight as to the source of your limitations and how to move with more freedom and Power through God’s word and his love.
  • Gain freedom over insecurity, fear, powerlessness, shame and guilt.
  • Help you understand how your Identity in Christ will heal


Imagine you have come to watch the most exquisite dancers in the whole world. It is the grandest of all ballrooms.  It is ornate and glorious in splendor. No detail overlooked. Her beautiful gown swirls around her feet with perfect hair and jewelry. Look at her dance! Anyone that beautiful must not have any cares of this world. But, her graceful movements and beauty are simply a cover up for the truth.

Her partner greets and escorts her to the floor. He’s wearing a tuxedo and appears to be the most handsome man ever.  Appearance is deceiving and hides his true identity. The Deceiver has come to steal, kill and destroy.  He seems so inviting and such a skilled dancer. He knows exactly how to lead and direct her movements.

The audience is captivated by the exquisite performance. They clap and cheer as they execute difficult dance steps spinning and twirling as one across the dance floor. Every step more intricate, every step synchronized perfectly to the music.

What they don’t see are the chains that are shackled to her ankles. She spins around and the chains wrap around her tightly creating wounds at every turn. Her hands are chained to her partner. Every step becomes difficult and the chains ensnare her soul, mind and emotions. They are choking the life out of her, yet she continues to dance. She feels the strangulation of the shackles, but continues to dance.

There is another one on the sidelines waiting to dance. His name is The Beloved. The Healer, The Deliverer, The Prince of Peace. The Light. He is dressed befitting a King.  He is radiant and glorious. Tenderness, mercy and compassion emanate from Him.

Sadly, we often leave The Beloved on the sidelines and find ourselves once again dancing with The Deceiver. It is what we know. We are seduced by his trickery, deceit and lies. We have exchanged the Truth for his lies. We don’t recognize the lies because they are familiar. We hear them echoing in our heart. “You are a failure”, “You are weak”, “and “You are nothing”. We think they are just our own thoughts and we continue to dance.



My daughter how I long to partner with you in the Dance of Freedom. I will give you joy, healing and restoration. It is My heart’s desire to lead you on the heavenly dance floor. Trust My love for you. Hear the tenderness in My heart toward you. Allow me to cut off the chains that have shackled and bound you. It is My desire that you soar with wings of eagles, robed in My righteousness and filled with my grace and love.