Responsible Teens Feel Good About Themselves

As a parent, we all want to raise  responsible children. We as parents, have to  help our teens grow up to be responsible adults. 

I am a huge fan of love and logic. As a foster parent trainer, grandma and mom I use these steps repeatedly for myself and others.

“ Self-esteem doesn’t just happen by making teens feel good or happy. It begins when children assert their independence and try to show their family and the world if they are their own persons. When they accomplish things through their own sweat and smarts, they grow  in self-confidence, but superficial trappings such as  llooks, clothes, and a positive attitude don’t ensure that a teen will have a healthy self-concept. Teens develop this healthy self-concept through handling responsibility.  In  turn they learn best when they feel good about themselves.”

Parenting Teens with Love & Logic. Colorado Springs: NavPress, 2006

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