God is Our Restorer

Joyce Meyers shares a encouraging word from Psalm 23:

The 23rd psalm is so comforting. In the Psalms,  David tells us the Lord leads, feeds, guides, and shields us. He causes us to lie down and rest, and he refreshes and restores our lives, Psalm 23:3 

I like the way the Amplified Bible translates this verse,  but I also like the way the beautiful Old King James version renders it: He restoreth my soul”. The Soul is  the mind, the will and emotions. 

With our souls we process our circumstances, we entertain our thoughts, we feel and express emotions, and we make decisions. What a wonderful promise that God will restore our souls! The word restore  means to “bring back into positions or use” or “to bring back to a regional state of condition” the word is  often used in a  situation when a dethroned ruler was put back on his throne.   Restore also means to make restitution to cause to return or to refresh.”

When David says God will restore our souls and our lives, I believe he means that God would return us to the state or condition we were in before we strayed from following the good plan God has predestined for us before our birth, or before Satan attacked us to draw us out of God’s plan for our lives. 

We can take confidence that God will lead us in the path of righteousness, uprightness, and right standing with Him. I believe David is saying here that God  individually leads each of us in the path that is right for us, a path that restores us in every way to the good places God has for us. 

God has a path predestined for your restoration. If you will allow him to do so, he will guide you by the Holy Spirit along the unique way that leads to  restoration and to being able to fulfill the great promises he has for your life.

Meyer, J.218, The Everyday Life Psalms and Proverb. Hachette Book Group.

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