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Power Step Parenting: 10 Top Things Kids Wish They Could Say to Divorced Parents

  • Power Step Parenting: 10 Top Things Kids Wish They Could Say to Divorced Parents
  • Power Step Parenting: Traits of Healthy Co-Parenting
    Here is a quick test to see if you have a healthy co parent relationship. A healthy relationship between you and your ex spouse has great impact on the health and well being on your children. A healthy co-parent relationship and lower the chances of your child engaging in high risk behaviors.
  • Power Parenting: Drill Sargent Parents
    A drill sergent parent barks out orders, demands absolute obedience, uses punishment as a consequence of children’s mistakes. For them, it is all about control and a power trip. The real world doesn’t operate on punishment but consequences. Children of drill sergeant parents do not know to make decisions since they have been ordered around […]
  • Power Parenting: The Problem of Not Imposing Rules or Consequences
    This parent believes the child will grow in a successful adult if the parents do not interfere, imposes rules or consequences.
  • Power Step Parenting: Respect The Biological Parent
    One of the challenges in a step-family is dealing with the biological parents. They are an important part of your stepchild’s life. In this short video, I share my own experience as a stepmom. As tempting as it might be, avoid any negative or derogatory comments about the biological parent. You are not there to […]
  • Power Parenting: Make Bedtime Blissful instead of a Blow-Up
    We as parents all know the frustration of getting a child to go to bed. Power struggles arise and so do our frustrations. All of a sudden, they are thirsty, hungry, or want a million and one demands! Here are some ways using Parenting with Love and Logic can turn bedtime into blissful.
  • Power Parenting: Parenting With Choices is Brilliant
    Transformation Radio Show- Parenting With Choices is Brilliant! Think of discipline as a way to guide and teach your child about positive ways to behave. A parenting style that works well is one that uses discipline proactively. The goal is to use techniques that encourage your child’s sense of responsibility, nurture self-esteem, and strengthen your […]
  • Power Step Parenting- 7 Steps
    Power Step Parenting- It doesn’t happen overnight! Experts tell us it takes the average step-family 5-7 years to integrate sufficiency to experience intimacy and authenticity in a step-family. Here are some stepping stones: 1. Listening- a person sets aside their own agenda long enough to tune into someone else.2. Understanding- stand in another person’s shoes […]
  • Power Step Parenting: Help Your Child Move Between Two Homes
    Divorced parents often forget or are not aware of how traumatic moving between two homes can be for a child. Remember, it is your child who has to transition between two homes. Now, there are estranged parents, different households, rules, expectations, and having to adjust and re-adjust on a regular basis. Remember, you are responsible […]
  • Power Parenting: How to Offer Teens Choices
     I am a huge fan of Love & Logic parenting techniques. It alleviates power struggles, raises responsible children, and gives them a healthy self-esteem. Here is an article on How to Offer Teens Choices.  (This is effective for all ages. I used a version of this when my children were toddlers to teens). I would […]

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