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Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Take Off the Boxing Gloves!

Mari and her husband Rob, share how they have taken off the boxing gloves in marriage and have successful conflict resolution. They share some practical ways and tips that can help every couple.


Online Dating

KPRZ Radio Show 1210 AM – Transformation- Changed Hearts, Changed Lives! 


Mari and her husband Rob discuss their personal journey through online dating. They share some practical ways to navigate through this experience!

Dealing With Differences in Marriage

 Most husbands and wives would say there are differences between them.  Some are glaring, irritating or divisive. What do we do with them? Read More

Forgiveness-Keep Short Accounts

In marriage it is important to keep short accounts. Learn to forgive quickly. Don’t keep a long list of wrongs. Nothing will erode your marriage more than building layers and layers of unforgiveness and bitterness. Read More

Healthy or Unhealthy Relationships

Relationships are an integral part of lives. Whether with a spouse, employer, child or a friend.  They can have a great impact on our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Here are some ways to see if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy:

Read More