Mari Plank Life Coach

changed hearts, changed lives

Dealing With Differences in Marriage

 Most husbands and wives would say there are differences between them.  Some are glaring, irritating or divisive. What do we do with them? Read More

Knowing God’s Love is Essential

KPRZ Radio Show 1210 AM – Transformation- Changed Hearts, Changed Lives! 


Mari and Jessica discuss how and why knowing God love is critical to our emotional health and well being!

Confident Self Esteem Through Identity in Christ

Our identity defines who I am. Identity is my position, privileges and power through Jesus.  It is both His death and resurrection that is the basis of our identity in Christ. Salvation has so many privileges and benefits. Read More

Radio Show-Believe God Love You and be Healed

Radio Show- Transformation! Changed hearts, changed lives. Airing on KPRZ  1210 AM @3:00 on Saturdays.Today Mari and Ambassador Elisa discuss how knowing that God really loved them healed them of insecurity and fears.