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Your Identity in Christ is More Important Than You Realize!

I’m sure you’ve heard that you’re a child of God, but do you truly believe that in your very core? Most of the obstacles that Christians face can be traced to forgetting their identity in God. Read More

Step Parenting Part 2

Step Parenting Part 2

This is part 2 of Mari’s discussion on successful step families. Learn some keys to successfully co -parent with step parent and the biological parent. Healthy co parenting is crucial to the emotional health and well being of the children. They are already between two families. Wise step parents make the children a priority and implement co-parent strategies.

Freedom Through Forgiveness

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Forgiveness is so powerful. Learn how forgiveness brings freedom, healing and opens prison doors.


Step Parenting Part 1

Step Parenting Part 1

Sadly, step families are a huge component of our society. According to US Census Bureau, 1300 step families are being formed everyday.50% of US families are remarried or re-coupled.  There are stressors and challenges unique to blended families. On today’s show, Mari is going to talk about 7 keys to successful step families and how to address the complex array of difficulties facing step families today.

Parenting With Choices is Brilliant

Parenting With Choices is Brilliant!

Think of discipline as a way to guide and teach your child about positive ways to behave. A parenting style that works well is one that uses discipline proactively. The goal is to use techniques that encourage your child’s sense of responsibility, nurture self-esteem, and strengthen your relationship with your child. Mari shares from her personal experience as a single mom, social worker and grandmother. Power struggles diminish and stress reduced in the home!