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Do Something New

KPRZ Radio Show 1210 AM – Transformation- Changed Hearts, Changed Lives! 

“Do Something New”

Mari and Jessica discuss God has created you to do great things! You are His workmanship created for purpose Lets start the journey to fulfill what God has for you!

Conflict Resolution in Marriage

Take Off the Boxing Gloves!

Mari and her husband Rob, share how they have taken off the boxing gloves in marriage and have successful conflict resolution. They share some practical ways and tips that can help every couple.


Online Dating

KPRZ Radio Show 1210 AM – Transformation- Changed Hearts, Changed Lives! 


Mari and her husband Rob discuss their personal journey through online dating. They share some practical ways to navigate through this experience!

Your Identity in Christ is More Important Than You Realize!

I’m sure you’ve heard that you’re a child of God, but do you truly believe that in your very core? Most of the obstacles that Christians face can be traced to forgetting their identity in God. Read More

Step Parenting Part 2

Step Parenting Part 2

This is part 2 of Mari’s discussion on successful step families. Learn some keys to successfully co -parent with step parent and the biological parent. Healthy co parenting is crucial to the emotional health and well being of the children. They are already between two families. Wise step parents make the children a priority and implement co-parent strategies.